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Prices for adoption!

Kittens are 85.00
7 months to 4 years are 50.00
5-10 years are 30.00
11 years and up are 10.00
Dog adoption fees are up to the board to make this decision.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Adoptable Pets: About

Pets For Adoption

Adoptable Pets: Headliner

Everyone is adopted!

Right now we all the animals were lucky enough to be adopted! Check back in later to see about any updates!

Adoptable Pets: Team Members

Where they are now!

Adoptable Pets: News

Meet Bella and Toby!

Bella (Front) and Toby were both adopted from The Animal Orphanage, Toby from last year and Bella just recently. Bella loves her new home and loves her new big brother. They are so cute together and Toby is happy to have a kitty sister.


Meet Klara Jade!

Klara Jade was recently adopted, she has a new loving family which includes one other cat and a dog. Klara is slowly coming out of her shyness, she is very playful and her owners are happy that she's with them.

If you've gotten any pets from us, feel free to send us some pictures and a short write up about them and we'll post it here!

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